Save The Date:

August 9th - Back to School Party

August 20th - La Bocca Wine Tasting

August 22nd - Dive in Movie

Upcoming Group and Community Events

July 11th - Dive in Movie - Nut Job at 7:30pm

July 16th - Men's Poker Night at 6:50pm

July 19th - Bagels and Brew at 8:00am

July 21st - Boomer's Group Dinner at Jasmine Gardens at 6:30pm

July 22nd - Kids Science Camp at 2:00pm

July 23rd - As You Wish Pottery Painting Class at 4:00pm

July 30th - Kids Science Camp at 2:00pm

If you have any questions about any of these events or activities please contact Donna Davis at



*Weekly Group Activities:

Mah Jong playing - Fridays at 1:00pm

Women's Bible Study - Thursdays at 6:00am

Men's Bible Study - Wednesdays at 6:45am

Ladies Tennis - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00am